Sunday, July 1, 2018

Nailed It and Failed It

Just a short little post because I think it will amuse some folks. Incessant binging of "Nailed It!" on Netflix leads to some really excellent life decisions like making pancake art. Originally, I was thinking that I would go completely crazy and fill squeeze bottles with colored pancake mix to make pancake eggs and bacon and then I realized I was way too hungry for that and I hate flat pancakes. Flat pancakes are the worst. So instead, I decided to use the cookie cutter approach for fun shaped pancakes. I had a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and an adorable rubber ducky cookie cutter. What could go wrong???

I don't need to describe making pancake batter because I could make that in my sleep. I started out with the Mickey Mouse pancake and filled the cookie cutter with minimal issue. I did start getting worried about how thick the pancake was but whatever, I'm sure it will be fine. I also filled up the rubber ducky cookie cutter in the same pan. As I was waiting for the bubbles to form I noticed that the rubber ducky cookie cutter was designed for kids' hands. So it had a wide plastic rim on the top for small hands to grab. Which meant that there was no way at all I'd be able to flip this without melting the plastic. While I was considering this issue, it was time to flip Mickey. I actually managed to flip him with minimal effort and he was looking pretty good. Then I went to pick up the duck pancake and realized that in fact, the ENTIRE cookie cutter was plastic and the duck had melted onto my pan. Duck pancake and duck cookie cutter went directly to the garbage. Sad.

Then the Mickey pancake was ready and while it looked excellent, it may or may not have been completely stuck to the cookie cutter. I guess I should've greased the cookie cutter. But hey, at least it didn't melt, am I right?!? ::High Fives!:: I used a small knife to loosen the pancake (which was a very difficult task considering the round shape and the fact that the metal cookie cutter was hot as hell) and eventually, Mickey was freed! So adorable!

Pretty perfectly cooked and so so tasty. It was a fun little start to my day. Meanwhile, that duck did succeed in creating the world's most adorably ruined pan:

Stay tuned for an exciting tale of cake building coming soon!